A-Joinnt Flex Pflasterfugenmörtel

A-JOINT® FLEX is a viscoplastic 2-component paving joint mortar which, due to its flexibility and high resistance, can absorb static or substantial loads in unbound construction.

It is approved for medium to heavy traffic loads. As a durable and weed-free jointing solution, A-JOINT® FLEX can be used in public areas as well as for private driveways.

A-JOINT® FLEX is suitable for almost all natural stone and concrete paving with a joint width of at least 8 mm.

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  • Sustainable and weed-free jointing solution especially for unbound construction up to use category N3
  • Fixed flexibilised joint filling
  • Designed for joint widths of 8 mm, joint width 5 mm possible with increased labour input
  • For joint depths from 30 mm
  • Easy and fast application with very low water consumption
  • Quick release to traffic
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Processing instructions

A-Joinnt Flex Pflasterfugenmörtel
A-Joinnt Flex Pflasterfugenmörtel
A-Joinnt Flex Pflasterfugenmörtel
A-Joinnt Flex Pflasterfugenmörtel
A-Joinnt Flex Pflasterfugenmörtel

The joints must be cleaned of weeds, roots and loose parts and cleared to a depth of at least 30 mm (at least 2/3 of the stone height for traffic load). The surface to be grouted must be free from all dirt. Adjacent areas that are not to be grouted should be masked or covered. It is recommended to store the bucket in a warmer environment (20°C) before application. This makes mixing much easier.

To avoid settling and loose stones, we recommend a permanently water-permeable and load-bearing substrate corresponding to the subsequent load (pay attention to the current standards and guidelines). We generally recommend the bonded construction method.

Pre-wet the entire surface extensively. Higher soil temperatures and absorbent, open-pored stone require more intensive pre-wetting. Generally, use clean and cold water.

Open the bag and pour the sand into a suitable mixing container. Add the contents of the separately supplied bottle containers. No addition of water is necessary. Make sure that the bottles are completely empty. Use a professional stirring or mixing device. Start the mixing process rotating slowly and mix thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Then transfer the mixed material into a clean bucket without leaving any residue and intensify the mixing process for another 4 minutes. A uniform, lump-free and free-flowing mortar mass must be present.

Filling the joints: 
Pour the finished mixture onto the pre-wetted surface. Work the grout in carefully with a rubber squeegee or a coarse road broom and as diagonally as possible to the joint. To achieve an even appearance, it is recommended to draw the grout over the entire surface (resin film). During this work, keep the ungrouted surface constantly wet. Do not direct the water jet at the grout to be applied. A suitable tamping tool (e.g. jointing iron or similar) can be used to ensure compaction of narrow and deep joints.

Cleaning the surface:
After approx. 10-20 minutes, sweep the stone surface carefully and diagonally to the joint with a mediumcoarse street broom. Then remove the remaining mortar residues with a fine coconut broom. Do not use swept-off material any more. Make sure that chamfers (bevelling of the side Edges) on slabs and pavers must be exposed.

Protect the freshly grouted surface from rain for 12-24 hours. We recommend using construction foil or tarpaulins as rain protection. To allow sufficient air to circulate, the rain protection must not be placed directly on the surface. At temperatures around 20°C, the surface can be walked on after 24 hours and driven on after 3 days. A strength test is recommended before use. Cleaning work (high-pressure cleaner max. 120 bar, min. 20 cm distance) may be carried out after 7 days at the earliest.


Resin film: After grouting with A-JOINT® FLEX, a thin resin film remains on the stone surface, which intensifies the stone colour and protects the stone from dirt. This resin film usually disappears over time due to weathering and use of the surface. If in doubt, create a small test area. The synthetic resin film is not a design defect, as neither the quality nor the functionality of the joint is affected.

Application notes: Use A-JOINT® FLEX only with a stable, load-bearing and permanently water-permeable substructure or a slope of at least 2%. The application is only recommended in well ventilated areas. Please wear adequate protective clothing. Tools should be cleaned with water during and after application.

Regularly remove dirt, leaves and moss from the joint surface.

All fillers are natural products and are subject to natural colour variations. Our information is based on years of experience and the current state of the art, but is non-binding and does not constitute a contractual legal relationship.


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