Decofix A-Joint

A-JOINT® DECOFIX is a highly water-permeable, frost- and
UVresistant 1-component special adhesive for bonding dust-free and dry decorative gravel and precious chippings. The result is a stable and visually appealing stone carpet. With the help of A-JOINT® DECOFIX, projects around the home can be realised. Whether light wells, garden paths, tree borders or other decorative surfaces. Loose stones are a thing of the past.

A-JOINT® DECOFIX beautifies your garden, makes it always look tidy and makes maintenance work easier.

Carrara (8/ 12)
Jura (8/ 16)
Mediteran (8/ 16)


  • For surface depths from 30 mm
  • UV and water resistant
  • Particularly suitable for light-coloured stone
  • For grain sizes from 2-5 mm to 16-32 mm
  • Odourless
  • Colourfast

Processing instructions:

Preparing the site

The surface must be cleared of weeds, roots and loose parts to a depth of at least 30 mm. The general rule is: layer thickness 3x as high as the largest grain of the stone used. To avoid settling, we recommend a permanently water-permeable and load-bearing substrate corresponding to the subsequent load. Adjacent areas should be masked off or covered to avoid soiling by the fresh binder. The use of a weed control fabric is recommended.

The stone used must be dust-free and completely dry.

Should cleaning and drying be necessary, allow sufficient time before processing. Attention! Moisture in the mixture can significantly affect the strength. It is recommended to store the bottle in a warmer environment before processing. This makes emptying much easier.


Fill the chippings/gravel into a suitable mixing container. We recommend using a compulsory or free-fall mixer. Start the mixing process, open the bottle and add the bottle contents. Make sure that the bottle is completely empty. The entire mixing process should take at least 6 minutes until the stones are completely wetted with the binder.


Pour the finished mixture onto the prepared surface and spread it with a clean shovel. Then level the surface with a levelling rod. Now compact the surface with a smoothing trowel and level the surface at the same time. The better the surface is compacted, the more durable it will be.


Protect the freshly planted area from rain for at least 24 hours. We recommend using construction sheeting or tarpaulins as rain protection. These must not be placed directly on the surface. At temperatures around 20°C, the surface can be walked on after 24 hours and driven on after 6 days. For heavily used surfaces, please plan a construction height of at least 50 mm and limit yourself to a grain size of max. 12 mm. A strength test is always recommended before use. Cleaning work (high-pressure cleaner max. 100 bar, min. 40 cm distance) may be carried out after 7 days at the earliest. If necessary, the upper stone layer can be additionally sealed. For this purpose, apply A-JOINT® DECOFIX thinly (150 - 250 ml/m²) to the clean and dry surface with a brush or paint roller.


Resin film: A-JOINT® DECOFIX leaves a thin resin film on the stone surface, which intensifies the colour of the stone used (wet-look effect) and protects it from soiling. The resin film usually disappears over time due to weathering and use of the surface. If in doubt, create a small test area. The synthetic resin film is not a design defect, as neither the quality nor the functionality of the surface is affected.

Application notes: Use A-JOINT® DECOFIX only with a stable, load-bearing and permanently water-permeable substructure or a slope of at least 2%. Plan for expansion joints and think about sufficient distance to plant stems (growth). Please wear adequate protective clothing. Work shoes and tools must be free of dirt and should be cleaned with water after application. Regularly remove dirt, leaves and moss from the surface. Our information is based on years of experience and the current state of the art, but is non-binding and does not constitute a contractual legal relationship.